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It’s almost back to school time and we’d like to re-publish this recent article by Rachel Southmayd over at the Fort Mill times and request anybody that can help out even a little bit will be making a huge difference…

“Anyone who has walked into a Walmart, Target, Staples or any other store where pencils, binders and notebook paper can be found can testify that back-to-school shopping season is on.

At the Newport Walmart, you can’t even get past the cash registers without running into displays of composition books and crayons. School supply lists have been published, and some families can already be spotted shopping.

While shopping for new supplies can be fun, for some, it’s a cause for anxiety because of the additional cost. To see just how much it can cost a family to send kids back to school this year, The Herald took the Rock Hill School District’s third-grade supply list and headed out to Walmart to go shopping.

We bought the cheapest version of items we could find and the total, including sales tax, was $21.04.

That might not seem like a lot, but that was just the school supply essentials. It didn’t include a backpack or clothes.

And it was just for one child. A family with multiple children obviously would pay more, and the older students get, the more expensive their supplies can get, too.

While for one family, $21.04 may be chump change, to another it can be the difference between keeping the lights on at home or buying one of their children a new pair of shoes to start the year.

To help area families start the school year without adding to their financial burden, The Herald and its sister community newspapers – the Fort Mill Times, the Enquirer-Herald in York and Clover, and the Lake Wylie Pilot – again are partnering with local school districts to gather supplies for children from less fortunate families.

Anyone can give to any of the local districts, and, with the support of the community, every family can be sure their children will be well-equipped to kick off the new school year. ”

Rachel Southmayd •  803-329-4072

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